What was told about us

"During the cooperation, the specialists of RF Consulting Kft thoroughly surveyed and considered our demands, and where we did not have detailed and well described ideas they always offered positive ides, the settlement could get supports with their help, and we rely on their assistance also in the implementation of our plans. - Zoltán Sőre mayor"

Local Government of Egyházasrádóc

"There has been a significant improvement in the work of our local government relating to contests since the establishment of our connection with RF Consulting Kft. Finally, there is a company and its representative, who can manage and continuously monitor the demands of the ventures living there on grants, and helps them in applications, accounting and monitoring activities seeming often elaborate. It is important for use to make use of possibilities best suiting our demands and possibilities which perfectly help us in our work. - Ferenc Vincze mayor of Hottó"

Local Government of Hottó Settlement

our additional services About our services:

Grants monitoring
Project management
Drawing of studies, researches
Grants advising
Organisation of events
Drawing of applications
Making of business plans and cashflow
Implementation of public procurement procedures
Editing of publications and brochures