Our services

Grants monitoring

Our Company continuously monitors contests, and searches grants as sources. In addition, w give you updated information on the current contests available in connection with your ideas.

Grants advising

We help our Partners by working out detailed project ideas. During a joint discussion, our ideas are checked, and the chances are preliminarily mapped up..

Drawing of applications

Based on information made available for us and on acquisition of the necessary documents the whole application is prepared, the forms are filled in and submitted in due time.

Preparations for and implementation of public procurement procedures

We are experienced in the implementation of simple public procurement procedures pursuant to the Hungarian Public Procurement Procedures Act, and of PRAG international public procurement procedures from calling for tenders to signing contracts. We undertake to prepare the documents and to supervise the procedure.

Project management

We give all necessary special help to our partners to enable them to meet their monitoring data supply obligations. We offer help during the process of subsequent controls if this is indicated and asked by the partner.

Auxiliary activities:

Organisation of events

We undertake to organise and document events accompanying the winner's contest programmes in accordance with the demands. We help our partners also in the organisation and implementation of other events, workshops, conferences, project discussions and work meetings.


Our work includes also assistance in the design of advertising relating to contests, newspapers, magazines and appearance on the web and image design.

Drawing of publications and brochures

Drawing and issuing publications and brochures during the implementation of contest programmes in the form meeting the applicant's ideas.

Drawing of studies, researches

We undertake to make feasibility studies, surveys and situation analyses with our great experiences and involvement of our special connection system.


Implementation of IKSZT programmes – training in electronic banking, tax statement, internet use, client gate service, office applications.

Making of business plans and cash-flow statements

We draw general business plans and cash-flow statements for our partners by means of which they can get investors for their ideas. We try to achieve the most ideal solution on the basis of our previous experiences in planning and implementation.