About our Company

Our Company’s aim since the beginning has been to help ventures, local governments and civil organisations in achieving additional income sources and capital via applications and public procurement procedures.

First of all we are engaged in grants advising, applications, preparations for public procurement procedures and implementation, business advising, business and financial planning. A highlighted attention is paid to our partners in Zalaegerszeg and the region, while our clients wishing to cooperate and offering special ideas are expected from all parts of the country. Our services are offered to ventures, local governments, public and non-profit organisations.

We cooperate with you so that new working places can be created, great business ideas can be realised for the future generation and all of us.

Among our Services you can find auxiliary activities and possibilities relating to applications and project management.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of our clients with an efficient, precise and successful work. In addition, we try to establish good connections with our Partners also after the closure of the projects. Due to our skills more and more ideas can realised in the future.

Our positive experiences, the joint happiness that we feel in connection with the supports granted and finding new renewable sources incite us to face new challenges.

Enjoy the possibility and let’s choose jointly the best solution.

our additional services About our services:

Grants monitoring
Project management
Drawing of studies, researches
Grants advising
Organisation of events
Drawing of applications
Making of business plans and cashflow
Implementation of public procurement procedures
Editing of publications and brochures